by IllumineNaughty



The song Thelema from the IllumineNaughty EP "Enter the Darkness and there you will find the Light" released by Cleopatra Records on December 21st, 2016. Music and lyrics are by David Cherubim from the band IllumineNaughty.



The word sends
forth a blaze divine,
dispersing the dark
clouds of the mind.

Clear blue skies,
no winter storms.
The feathers glide
and truth is inborn.

Beyond the illusion
awaits the sign.
Mask no more with
imagery designs.

Mysteries flow,
tomorrow they go.
Love under Will,
and Will to Know.

Word of the Law,
Word in the Air,
sweet Thelema,
beloved and fair.

Kisses of Stars
dissolve the soul,
uniting every man
and woman below.

Love is the law,
Love under will.

All acts determine
moment from moment,
conforming experiences
with your True Will.

Uniting with all in
your chosen Way,
dissolving yourself
in this interplay.

Every man and every
woman is a star.

Pursue your course,
O children of Heru-Ra-Ha!

Love is the law,
Love under will.

Love is the law,
Love under will.

Sweet Thelema,
Word of the Law,
Word in the Air.

Sweet Thelema,
Love under Will,
beloved and fair.
Do what thou wilt:
This word I declare.

O Thelema.




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